Stop Sun Fading from Bleaching the Color Out of Your Anaheim, California Home

Prevent Sun Fading

In a recent question and answer segment of the Home & Garden section of The Washington Post, the author Jeanne Huber discussed how window film can be effective to help stop sun fading of furniture and floors.

The person’s question was as follows: “My apartment — on the 12th floor, with southeast exposure — is wonderfully sunny. Plants do well, and I enjoy the light and the view all day. However, the sun has bleached both wood and upholstered furniture and some carpet. I don’t want to close the drapes and live in the dark. Can my windows be treated?”

Jeanne went on to describe how window film could be the solution to the issue by saying, “Having window film installed on the inside of your windows could be the solution…Window film cannot totally prevent fading because other factors, such as humidity, account for about 5 percent of the problem. But depending on the window film you select, it can go a long way toward reducing the problem. All films block virtually all ultraviolet rays from the sun, which are responsible for about 45 percent of fading. Films also can block the rays that together cause about half of fading: visible light and infrared light, which causes heat.”

Jeanne was absolutely correct. The window films we carry cannot completely stop sun fading, virtually nothing can, but they can significantly slow down the process. By significantly reducing UV, visible light and heat, a properly specified window film can allow you to enjoy the sun without worrying about bleaching out your furniture or flooring.

You can read the complete piece in The Washington Post by clicking HERE.

If you would like more information about how our window films help to stop sun fading in your home, click HERE. If you have any questions, contact us by calling (714) 345-9846 or clicking us HERE. We would be happy to discuss the options with you and provide you with a free, no obligation quote of implementing a home window film product into your Anaheim, California area house.

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