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Protect Your Property and Ensure Superior Comfort With Professional Window Tinting

How much we love abundant natural light and a gentle breeze coming through the windows…brightening up the entire space beautifully! And here in Corona County, we are thankful to be blessed by the sun.

But often, too much of a good thing can become a pain. Along with the sun, your clear windows are also letting in harmful ultraviolet rays, blinding glare, and extreme heat. This can be extremely irritating, especially during summer.

Instead of dropping down the window blinds and curtains, we have a better solution –expert window tinting in Corona County! So, you can now have brightly lit homes and offices minus the UV damage, glare, and heat. You can also benefit from enhanced security of your property and increased privacy.

When you have so much to gain, why wait and bring more damage to your property? Consult the best Corona tint shop today and give your windowstheir much-deserved makeover!

Specialists in Residential Window Tinting in Long Beach County

Imagine you sit by the window to enjoy the natural light as youwork, but the sun’s glareon your laptop is making it difficult. How irritating!! Perhaps you are noticing that your furniture and décor are fading, and you don’t know why. Your rooms are too hot and you have no control over your A.C. bills. All these sound similar, right?

We understand how difficult it can be to live with clear glass windows. Therefore, we provide high-quality window tinting in Corona County that can instantly transform your space. Know how our top-notch window films can protect your interior and enhance comfort.

● Best-in-class UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rights coming through the windowscan be more harmful than you can imagine. It is one of the primary causes of skin cancer, not to mention premature aging and other harmful effects it has on your health. Getting your windows tinted can help cut down UV rays by up to 99%. So, you can enjoy natural sunlight in your rooms without worrying about adverse health effects.

● Energy Savings By Up to 75%

Have you been paying exorbitantly higher energy bills all this time? What if we say it is primarily due to your clear, glass windows? Yes; your glass window absorbs more heat, increasing the temperature inside and you may need to run your air conditioner more. Using a window tint can help reflect the sun’s heat, reducing your energy bills by 75%.

● Privacy at its Best

What if you find out that someone is snooping into your home through your glass windows? Creepy, right? Not anymore! High-quality window films provide the right amount of privacy you are looking for in your home or commercial space.

● Enhanced Aesthetics

We also specialize in decorative film tinting in Corona, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or office. Depending on the space, we will use the right decorative film that can make your property look and feel great.

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A: As a well-distinguished and experienced window tinting company, we specialize in – Commercial window tinting Residential window tinting Decorative films

A: Yes; we use professional installation techniques to ensure the window film is safely installed without causing a seal failure or glass breakage.

A: California Tint Crew uses only premium-grade window films that can last up to 10-20 years, provided they are well-maintained.

A: The cost of window tint in Corona may vary depending on the type of window film you choose, total square footage, and installation expertise.