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California Tint Crew - #1 Window Tinting Company in Los Angeles

Window tinting is a long-term investment that can enhance the value of your home, office, or your vehicle. But its performance and longevity depend a lot on how efficiently it is installed. And that’s where we come into the picture, offering top-of-the-line window tinting in Los Angeles.For over 20 years, we have been successfully installing high-quality window films at homes and offices with 100% professionalism.

We use only premium-grade window films that ensure lifetime performance and a wide range of benefits:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Up to 99% reduction in harmful UV rays
  • Cut down the sun’s heat and glare by up to 80%
  • Improved privacy and security
  • Prevent the fading of your valuable furniture and furnishings
  • Save more on your energy bills

Bringing Comfort and Happiness to the Spaces You Work, Live, and Play

We are a full-service window tinting provider in Orange, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and precision for all projects. Our team specializes in installing all types of window films including –

  • Energy-efficient solar films for comfortable homes and offices.
  • Eye-catching decorative window tinting in Orange County to enhance the visual appeal of your home or workplace.
  • No more prying eyes with our high-quality privacy window films.
  • First-class security films to strengthen your windows and prevent break-ins.
  • Car wraps for effective UV protection and give a modern look to your vehicle.

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Window Tinting Services We Specialize In

At California Tint Crew, we go to great extents to ensure you have everything to feel creative, safe, and comfortable in your space. We are specialists in –

● Residential Window Tinting

Safeguard your home and family from the sun’s damaging UV rays and heat with residential window tinting in Orange.

● Commercial Window Tinting

Transform your storefront or office building with commercial window tint that can help control heat, save energy, and increase privacy.

● Decorative Window Tinting

Want to give your home or workplace an elegant and modern look? Get creative with our wide range of decorative window films that can be digitally printed to achieve any design – even your company’s logo or branding.


How Does It Work?

At California Tint Crew, no job is too small or complex for us. Quality and precision are our topmost priorities when we install window films, but we also focus on prompt services.

  • We will thoroughly clean and smoothen the window surface, ensuring there is no dirt and grime.
  • Next, we apply an application solution on the glass as well as the window film’s adhesive to activate it.
  • Once the adhesive is activated, our experienced professional will install it with utmost precision, ensuring there are no air bubbles.
  • The window film is then allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. It is recommended not to open your windows during this time.

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A: We use premium-quality solar films that can help cut down almost 80% of the sun’s heat and glare to ensure improved comfort.

A: Most films are installed on the interior side of windows to provide efficient protection, privacy, and energy savings. However, we can also provide exterior window tints for commercial and residential settings.

A: All our window tinting products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which may vary from limited to lifetime.

A: Our expertise in window film installation, along with high-quality products, ensures superior performance for up to 10-20 years