Southern California Automotive Tinting

We know you love your car. We also know you love your family, as you do everything you can to protect them – at home and on the road. Automotive window tint offers an extra measure of protection for everyone inside your car. And we can help keep your car looking new longer on the outside as well.

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Window Film Benefits

Great Looks

How do you want your ride to look? Cool? Hot? Hotter? Automotive window tint can make it happen. Count on the following:

An exclusive range of films in a variety of shades from light to dark including ceramic tint that maximizes heat and ultraviolet rejection, keeping you and your vehicle cool and helping to protect from the damaging effects of the sun

Soft charcoal color that matches factory privacy glass

Privacy for passengers and valuables

California Tint Crew - A Brand You Can Trust

With automotive film, you not only get the look you want, you also get a high performing, durable window tint. Trust CTC for:

Block more than 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays

Help protect against skin damage

Protect your auto’s interior from fading and cracking

Help reduce glare and eye-strain

High Performance & Protection

You’ll ride cooler, in greater comfort, safety and security knowing that automotive window tint will:

Professional installation

Guaranteed color stability

A Strong scratch resistant coating

A lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty

Proudly made in the USA products

Our Process

At California Tint Crew, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional service and high-quality products. Our main goal is to ensure that each job we complete results in a satisfied customer who would be happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

To begin the process, we take the time to explain the various film products we offer and their respective benefits. We provide certified performance statistics to help you make an informed decision about which film is right for your vehicle.

Before beginning any work, we conduct a quick inspection of your vehicle's condition. This allows us to identify any issues that may arise during the installation process and ensures that there are no surprises at the end.

Once we have completed the installation, we love to take our clients on a walk-through of their vehicle so that they can inspect our work. We accept a variety of payment options, including cash, check, credit, and debit cards. You will receive a "paid" receipt, manufacturer warranty form, and care instructions for your new window tint.

At California Tint Crew, we take pride in our work and stand behind our installations. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result and that your vehicle will be well taken care of throughout the process.

Below is a price list of our most popular tints.

Window Tint Pricing

Johnson InsulatIR
Passenger Car / 4-Door Truck 350 450 550
2-Door Car / 2-Door Truck 325 425 525
SUV / Crossover 400 500 600
LG. Van 425 525 625
Driver & Passenger ONLY 100 150 200
Full Windshield N/A 250 300
Moon Roof N/A 200+ 250+
Moon / Sun Roof N/A 75 125
Glare Strip 40 N/A N/A
Full Per Panel Windshield / Rear
Removal Only 150 50 100 Each
Removal & Replace 100 30 70 Each